Choose From Our Packages Below Based On Your Word Count... 

THE SIGHTSEER (0-500 Words)
We will greatly enhance your desired vision throughout your writing
THE HIKER (500-1000 Words)
We will keep your writing on track from start to finish
THE BACKPACKER (1000-1500 Words)
We will pack your writing with everything it needs
THE WAYFARER (1500-2000 Words)
We will polish your writing with the appropriate tone and style
THE EXPLORER (2000-2500 Words)
We will get your writing where it needs to be   
THE NAVIGATOR (2500-3000 Words)
We will provide direction to your writing 
THE MOUNTAINEER (3000-3500 Words)
We will take your writing to new heights 
THE ALPINIST (3500-4000 Words)
We will help you reach the top of your writing ascent
THE VOYAGER (4000-4500 Words)
We will guide your writing through uncharted territory   
THE PATHFINDER (4500-5000) Words)
We will be your writing pathfinder
If your writing piece is over 5000 words please contact with your exact word count to receive your quote
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The Helderberg Press